From richly-colored minerals to sparkling crystals, here you can explore the extensive selection of specimens form around the globe, each with it’s unique beauty and energy. Learn about the science behind the minerals, the cultural significance of crystals throughout history, and how you can incorporate these amazing treasures into your life. Whether you’re a geology enthusiast, a crystal lover, or just curious about the wonders of the natural world, you are invited to discover the magic of minerals. 

Learn to wire wrap your crystals here!

Everything you’ll need to know

About Ornatell

Ornatell is a protmanteau of two latin words (ornamentum = lat. ornament or jewel, and tellur = lat. earth).

I believe that crystals are extraordinary beautiful, radiant, and definitely eye-catching. However, they are also simply earth’s natural jewellery.

This site is dedicated to provide resources for those interested in crystals and minerals. I also offer educational resources for those looking to learn more about the science and metaphysical properties of crystals and minerals. My goal is to provide a welcoming and inclusive community for crystal enthusiasts of all levels.

Disclosure: Please note that Ornatell is participating in affiliate programs, which means we may earn a commission on purchases made through the links provided on our site, at no additional cost to you. This allows me to continue providing valuable content and services to website users. Your support by making purchases through the links is greatly appreciated and helps me to not only pay the hosting fees that keep this site running but also maintain the quality of my website.

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